• http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=643613553 RicSharon Bruce

    Haha. Nice.

  • Thejohnsband

    I would be inclined to agree…but then we would be both be wrong

  • Bob

    counter point! ordered most to least relevant real world profession

    there, i feel better about my major

  • Haak Saxberg

    You should probably give credit to XKCD, where this came from, and Randall Munroe, who created it. The “BY MICAH GOULART” makes it look like you’re taking credit for his work, which I’m sure isn’t meant to be the case.

  • Xnake

    Sociology is so not relevant to the real world.  It’s like (pseudo) science for business majors.  

  • Dave

    Oh maths? Is that an application of a set of axioms based on philosophical investigation? I believe it is. Philosophy sees you somewhere in the distance.

  • Xylene2301

    I think you’re right as far as ‘purity’.
    I also think physics is the mack-daddy of all the sciences.
    That’s just MHO.

  • Steve Macdonald

    By definition.

  • http://www.facebook.com/henry.d.graaf Henry De Graaf

    mathematics is a tool used in sciences–it is not a science per se, as we conceive of science tho science actually means knowledge; philosophy means love of knowledge but is the mainstay behind all science

  • Morgan

    Maths is just a medium we invented and use in order to understand the universe around us. It doesn’t physically exist unlike the sciences.