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Your Goldfish May Deserve a Lawyer in Switzerland

Your Goldfish May Deserve a Lawyer in Switzerland

Seriously. Switzerland has arguably the most stringent animal rights laws in the world but if a referendum on this Sunday’s ballot passes it will remove any doubt. If passed the referendum would grant all animals (including fish) the right to representation by a lawyer in court. If the animal does not already have representation a lawyer will be provided at the expense of the court.

In another life I spent two summers fishing commercially in Alaska. The above photo shows me holding a 70 pound King Salmon in the summer of 2008. Would this photo be enough to convict me of animal abuse in Switzerland? Let’s examine the evidence. Salmon meat is best prepared for market and preserved by a process called “bleeding” the fish. The fish must stay alive while bleeding out to ensure the best possible meat quality. If a lawyer could prove I did not stun Mr. Salmon in a humane way before bleeding him I could probably face charges. For making a living.

As excited as I am to read John Grisham animal court thrillers from Switzerland… please. If there’s anyone from Switzerland reading this and you have any sanity left vote no on goldfish lawyers.

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Swiss voters emphatically rejected the referendum with over 70% voting against the proposal.